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Electrofusion fittings - Solving the problem of soldering

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Electrofusion pipe fittings-----solving one of the methods of welding:

Before the welding, the oxide layer on the outer wall of the welded pipe must be scraped clean; otherwise, the welding is not strong;

Because the temperature of the oxide layer is relatively high, and it is not suitable for fusion with the molten metal melt, it is necessary to be extra careful, especially for small-diameter pipe fittings, for small-diameter pipe fittings, the specified heating time phase.

For shorter, the resistance wire releases less heat in a short time, and the solder joint is easy to occur under the premise that the oxide layer is not scraped; it may be qualified in the process of pressing, but due to the pressure of the backfill, the road vibration, unevenness and settlement

For other reasons, the solder joints are easily detached and leaks during operation, causing accidents. The standard for scraping is scraped off with the yellow mark of the welded section.

Solve the problem of virtual soldering two:

The electric welding machine checks the output voltage. The output voltage is 0.5V. If the output voltage is lower than 39V, the heat of the resistance wire is less than the specified time. The PE material at the joint is not effectively melted properly.