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Flange sealing property

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

Work for a long time in high temperature bolted flange joints, due to the sealing gasket and bolts of creep and relaxation, making the gasket residual stress decreases gradually, joint flange sealing reliability decreased gradually and eventually lead to leakage failure. Solving the sealing problem of the flange joint, using high-temperature sealant sealing. It is used on the condition that is smooth and flat sealing surface (butt joint) the conditions of temperature and pressure requirements of high. Especially suitable for sealing metal joints: steam turbine and gas turbine, compressor, pump, shell, flange joints, etc.. Heat vapor, gas, heat, cold water, light fuel, lubricant, crude oil and natural gas, which are as high as 900. The sealing surface and the joint at an excellent adhesion to ensure that pressure up to 250 bar (255kg/cm2) pressure. Apply to: devices and pressure vessel flange, bearing race, flange bolt, bearing ring, live flange, support washer, gasket, manhole flange, flat flange, welded flange.