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How to determine the welding quality of PE electrofusion pipe fittings

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 20, 2018

From the point of view of PE pipe connection construction, although the operation is simple and easy, the operation steps of the hot-melt connection and the electrofusion connection must be strictly controlled, and it is not a single weld to judge the quality of the joint.

Taking hot-melt welding as an example, temperature, time and pressure are three important factors in the welding process. Because PE fusion-melting pipe fittings are susceptible to environmental changes and human-induced operating factors, some of them use PE electrofusion fittings. Early countries have formed a relatively complete and mature calculation method for operating procedures and parameter settings. In the construction of many projects in China, the setting of three important factors is generally provided by polyethylene (PE) manufacturers. So there are big differences.

In addition, in many places, quality accidents caused by construction workers' construction methods also occur from time to time. Hot-melt welding, although more important in three important factors of temperature, time and pressure, but other details in the whole process are often overlooked. For example, the milling of the end face to be welded, how to keep the end face clean and the cooling process and time of the weld bead, etc., these problems are ignored and may not be manifested from the weld. Therefore the correct execution of the welding process and operating procedures is important and is related to the stability of the welding equipment and the responsibility of the operator.

PE electric melting pipe fittings are favored by many users because of its good performance, simple construction, convenient maintenance and low investment cost. PE electrofusion pipe fittings have many advantages, and there are also problems such as joint leakage and lack of detection means. How to strengthen the detection of PE electrofusion pipe fitting quality and improve construction quality is also worthy of our attention.