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PE electrofusion pipe fittings Connecting device

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2018

PE electrofusion pipe fittings are a widely used material in daily life applications, and its connection has certain requirements. So how is it connected? PE siphon pipe fittings, PE water supply pipe fittings, and electric melting pipe fittings.

1. Before the pipeline is connected, the pipe and fittings and ancillary equipment shall be checked according to the design requirements, and the visual inspection shall be carried out at the construction site to meet the requirements before use.

2, the pipe and fittings should be placed at the construction site for a certain period of time before the connection, so that the temperature of the pipe and pipe fittings are consistent.

3, the pipe end should be clean when the pipe is connected, the pipe mouth should be blocked after each completion to prevent debris from entering the pipe.

PE electrofusion pipe fittings are firstly placed on the pipe by the electrofusion pipe fittings, and then the electric melting pipe fittings are energized according to the specified parameters by a special welding machine, so that the inner surface of the electrofusion pipe fittings embedded with the heating wires and the appearance of the pipe insertion end are melted. After cooling, the pipe and fittings are fused together.

The demand for PE electrofusion pipe fittings is gradually expanding. The reason why it is popular among many people is that it has the characteristics of high construction efficiency and reliable quality. In addition, people pay great attention to the quality of its connection, and the quality of the fused connection is stable, mainly relying on the operator's strict compliance with the operating procedures and the quality of the electrofusion fittings.