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Process of hot melt butt joint installation of PE electrofusion pipe fittings

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2018

1. Two PE electrofusion tubes to be installed and connected are placed on the fuser fixture at the same time (the fixture can be changed according to the diameter of the pipe to be installed), and the other end of each pipe is lifted to the same horizontal plane by the pipe bracket;

2, using the electric milling cutter to separately straighten the pipe section, so that the contact surfaces of the two pipes can match;

3. The electric heating plate is heated to 210 degrees, and the end faces of the two pipes are placed, and the electro-hydraulic device is operated to make the end faces of the two pipes simultaneously contact with the electric heating plate to heat;

4. Raise the heating plate and operate the hydraulic device again to dock the end faces of the molten PE electrofusion tubes and lock the hydraulic device to avoid rebound;

5, keep a cooling time to loosen, the operation is completed;

6. After the completion of the construction, it is necessary to pass the test and pass the inspection before it can be returned to the soil for use;

7, PE electrofusion pipe fittings in the heating process to prevent wind, in the cooling process, should gradually pass through, slowly cooling.