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The PE gas ball valve is not uncommon in our family life. What are its specific construction methods and steps?

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

The construction of PE gas ball valve is very important for the safe use of gas pipes, especially in the later period of safety, so we must pay attention.

1. To confirm the location of the ball valve installed on the ground with water or moisture, after changing the installation position or completely removing water or moisture, ensure that the site does not sink, the ground pressure must be solidified, and then adjust the pipe to the ground Horizontal position

2. One end of the pipe is first fixed to the fusion splicer and the package of the ball valve is opened. One end of the ball valve is fixed. If the fixed length of the butt welding machine is not enough, two fixed machines can be used to fix the ball valve. The other end of the ball valve is fixed. Fixed machine is fixed to the same height → surface processing → heating plate installation → pressure welding → heating to maintain → join → cooling → fusion splicer separation

3. The other end of the pipe is fixed and welded by welding. Note: (1) The arrow on the upper side of the PE gas pipe ball valve must match the flow direction of the gas when it is to be operated. (2) To prevent the inflow of foreign substances in the ball valve during the welding operation. Use a bag or the like to block the inner surface of the ball valve. (3) Pipe and ball valve should be welded horizontally and vertically.

4. After the welding machine is separated, it will take about 30 minutes to cool. Take out the "T" ball valve handle from the box. After assembling, insert the handle into the knob completely. Note: Use the "T" handle to test the ball valve switch. status

6. To confirm whether the PE gas ball valve has an on-off valve, the length and direction of the ADAPTER line must be marked (-). This is the open state. The vertical direction (‖) is now closed (CLOSE): Turn the ADAPTER clockwise by 90° when it is on

7. Use a ball valve for air-tightness test. Use a ball around the ball valve knob.