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What is the relationship between the electrofusion tube and the PE tube?

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 17, 2018

A fused tube member is a plastic (polyethylene) pipe fitting that can be melted to a junction by the temperature generated by the current.

Electrofusion fittings have important and irreplaceable functions in engineering and maintenance. Especially in the construction, the electrofusion fittings are less affected by the external environment and human factors, so the reliability is better and more popular with users.

The base of the electrofusion tube is made of PE material. Therefore, together with the PE pipe system composed of PE pipe, it solves two major problems of the traditional pipe: corrosion and leakage at the joint. Let us look at their advantages together.

1, corrosion resistance: long service life;

2, the joint does not leak: the use of electrofusion pipe joints, in essence to ensure the interface material of the PE pipe system, the structure and the identity of the pipe itself, to achieve the integration of the joint and pipe;

3, can resist the underground movement and end load: PE pipe system is connected by welding method, based on the joint end load of this method, joint leakage will not occur.