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Introduction Of The Adapter

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

In the computer, the adapter is usually built into the card that can be inserted into the slot on the motherboard (and external) ... Adapter information card and processor are exchanged between devices and adapters are supported.
Power adapter is a small, portable electronic devices and electronic power conversion equipment, generally consisting of a shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit according to the output type can be divided into AC and DC output; according to the connection method can be divided into desktop and wall-mounted. Mobile PC because there is no battery, power adapter is important.
Most mobile PC can automatically detect 100~240V AC power adapter (50/60Hz). Almost all mobile PC power supply external, connected with a line and host, so you can reduce the size and weight of the host, only a handful of models with built in power supply within the host. On the power adapter has a nameplate, it marked power, input and output indicators such as voltage and current, paying particular attention to the input voltage range, it is known as the "travel power adapter".
When you register MBean with the MBean server, you need to interact with the MBean operation agreement and to retrieve information from the request management application. This is achieved through a protocol adaptor enabled, it will manage the application data into a standard protocol information.