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Introduction To Electro Fusion Reducer Tee

Ningbo Lianda Plastic Pipe Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 03, 2016

1、and HDPE wire network skeleton hot melt on took over main used electric melt connection and flange connection two species method, electric melt connection is will composite tube insert to electric melt fittings within, on pre buried in fittings within surface of electric silk power, makes its fever, first makes fittings within surface melting and produced melt body, electric melt different diameter tee melt body expansion and full pipe and fittings of clearance, until pipe outside surface produced melt body, two species melt body each other melting in with, cooling forming Hou, pipe and fittings close connection for one.
2、wire mesh (polyethylene) composite pipes with metal pipes, valves and gauges are connected by flanged connections.
3、composite pipes of fused connection and flange connection interface and burst strength than tensile strength tubing.